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It’s been a while since our last single review and today we are bringing back a recently featured jacket, the Apex Bionic by The North Face.

After comparing it to two other brands’ jackets, here and here, it is time to look at this jacket on its own.

What we typically do is go through the specifics of a single jacket, either a women’s or men’s one. However, in this single review we will be looking at both versions so as to get the complete picture on what this jacket has to offer.

We will start with the men’s version and then women’s, as they each have particular specifics that set them apart.

Table Of Contents:
Men’s Version
Where To Buy It
When To Wear It
Color Selection
User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions
Women’s Version
Where To Buy It
When To Wear It
Color Selection
User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

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  • Where To Buy It
  • Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:

When To Wear It
Apex Bionic is a soft shell jacket, which comes in a sports design that makes it less appropriate to wear on other occasions.

Since it is a soft shell, the design is very adaptable to movement and suitable for a variety of different activities such as biking, hiking, running and many more.

It is a hoodless jacket, which has a high collar that keeps the neck protected, while also helping to better insulate the jacket. There are two side pockets on the outside, and one on the left side of the chest.

This is a jacket that suits cool weather and can also be worn when the temperatures drop in early winter. This is due to the fleece lining on the inside of the jacket, which lines the back and provides warmth.

Apex Bionic for men is also very breathable and also wind-resistant, due to a special fabric, which we will look at further into the review.

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As a soft shell, Apex Bionic is made of 100% Polyester, with a special fabric design that allows for some stretch, in order to make movement easier and more comfortable.

The fabric we mentioned above is WindWall®, The North Face’s own creation, which comes in either windproof or wind-resistant options. Apex Bionic is the former, while also being highly water-resistant.

The North Face Apex Bionic Men’s Jacket Bolt Blue


It works great as a windbreaker jacket, but do keep in mind that other layers might be required in harsher weather conditions.

Here is a video review of the jacket:
If there is one thing The North Face‘s jackets do not lack in, that’s color options. Typically with more than 10 colors to choose from, it’s very easy to find the one you really like.

Apex Bionic for men comes in more than 40 options, including:

TNF Black
Outer Space Blue
Sullivan Green
Asphalt Grey
Mid Grey
Dark Eggplant Purple
The North Face Apex Bionic Men’s Jacket Shady Blue

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions
With a positive online user rating, Apex Bionic is a popular jacket among men. They are happy with how well it holds off wind and rain, while at the same time being warm enough to wear on its own during autumn and early winter.

The fit is usually on point and this is one of the most comfortable soft shells on the market.

As for the cons: the sleeves might run big sometimes and might need to be tailored.

The North Face Apex Bionic – Women’s Version
Where To Buy It
Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:


When To Wear It
The Apex Bionic for women is quite similar to the men’s jacket when it comes to design. It has the appearance of a sportive soft shell so it is best worn during outdoor activities.

It is also lined with fleece on the back, which will keep you warm and comfortable.

The cut is made to both perform great during different activities, but also look feminine. There is no hood on this jacket, either, and it also comes with two side pockets and one on the chest.

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Here is where these jackets differ, as the men’s version was 100% Polyester, while the women’s jacket is made of 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex.

It is not uncommon to find soft shells that have Spandex in them, especially for women, which is done to make the jacket fit much more comfortably during movement.

This version is also 100% windproof due to the ClimateBlock fabric, while also being resistant to water.

With 30+ colors to choose from, Apex Bionic for women certainly succeeds at including all likes and preferences. Some colors that bear mentioning are:

Tomato red
Magic magenta
Surreal green
Neon peach

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions
With an online rating as high as the men’s version, this jacket does exactly what is expected of it. It keeps wind at bay and is very comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that some of the ladies have purchased more than one.

It works great as both an outdoor and gym jacket, so it is quite versatile in that regard.

On the downside, just like the men’s one, the sleeves tend to run a bit long for some.

Apex Bionic is one of The North Face‘s bestsellers and for a very good reason. A jacket that performs effortlessly and is super comfortable, it’s hardly a mystery why it is so beloved by women and men alike.

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