Signs of High Quality Leather Jacket

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Leather jacket is absolutely the best outfit for a cool look. When buying one, the most importance thing to consider is quality. But which is the correct way to recognize it’s quality?

Leather jackets’ s era began during World War I, when the first combat pilots began wearing them for protection. By the 1920s, leather jackets were a popular style, tied to the style of rebels riding motorcycles.

Today, leather jackets are still an important part of the classic style. However, as with all things common, this popularity has also led to the creation of cheap knockoff versions. If you buy leather jackets, quality is the most important thing.

Not sure how to detect a high quality jacket? We’re here to help you with that.

Leather Jacket’s Smell

Firstly when you get a new leather jacket, the smell of real leather may not fade right away. But after a while, when the jacket had time to ” breathe”, your high quality leather jacket would smell like the real thing.

leather jacket

Full-Grain Leather Jacket

Even so, not all jackets made from real leather are created the same.

For another clear indication of quality, look for a full-grain leather jacket. There are several different types of skin, including calibrated beads, top seeds and full grains. When it comes to coats, full grain is what you want.

Precise particles are sanded and polished to remove any imperfections. This sounds good, until you realize the skin looks dull, flat.

Top-grain leather is created by removing a layer separated from the top layer, which also leads to fewer defects, but gives the skin a plastic-like appearance.

Full-Grain is a high quality leather that has not been changed in any of these ways. Because it is not polished, polished or strongly split, it will be softer and look better than other skin types.

High Quality Components

Hardware testing, stitching and lining for quality. A brand that makes a good male leather jacket will not ignore these areas. You want to lock and lock high quality will not be damaged after years of use or the lining is not torn.


You don’t always get what you pay for life, so be aware of price tags.

You don’t always get what you pay for life, so be aware of price tags. Of course, still exists, but you still won’t get the best leather jackets at the lowest prices. If the price seems too good to be true, there may be a problem with the quality of the jacket. Avoid lower prices. You will not get a good quality leather jacket, not for about £ 100. Also, beware of high-mark designer brands. You should never pay 1000 pounds for a leather jacket. As we have demonstrated, you can get the best Italian sheep skin in a range of beautiful colors and antiques for under £ 500, don’t be fooled by higher prices. Also, some of these luxury brands don’t even produce their jackets in Italy, they make them cheap but still charge. Before you decide, ask the brand where their jacket is produced.

Italian Lambskin

If the jacket uses Italian sheepskin, it is almost certainly high quality.

Not all the best leather jackets use this material, but it is still one of the best materials that money can buy. Italian sheepskin has been used for jackets for decades. It has a luxurious, soft and supple feel, so it is often used for other leather items in the fashion industry and luxury cars.


Watch out for lots of keys and bags everywhere. These jackets are just trying too hard, can keep up with the latest temporary trend. What if you buy a high quality leather jacket but it has an odd style? You probably won’t wear it for a few years. Good style comes from great design but also works with the quality and suitability of the jacket. You don’t need to go crazy with the design if it feels and looks great to you.

The color of cheap leather jackets will be quite flat and dull, with little or no color change. This shows a quick budget tanning process. If they try to change colors, there will be no subtle shadows or reflections but a clearer, more obvious effect that looks awkward.

The style you choose is a matter of personal preference, of course. Just make sure that the color and style effects are clearly not used for low quality camouflage.


The position, size and quality of the bag can tell a lot about the overall quality of the jacket. It also depends on the purpose of the jacket. A fashion jacket will fit smaller. Stylish breast pocket while a utility jacket will need a bigger, more practical bag. A fashionable jacket with big pockets everywhere looks disproportionate and lacks creativity.


Be sure to try on your jacket as soon as you can. Does it feel good on your body?

Quality almost always means comfort when it comes to leather jackets, even fit designs. Remember, a completely new skin may be a bit tight and a bit hard, but it should not feel constrained or cheap. If the jacket is uncomfortable or just hangs you like a sack, then that’s not just you – it’s a bad model.

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