Quick tips to mix your leather jacket easily

by admin

Leather jacket is one of my most favorite pieces in my closet. I wear it without considering the weather, from autumn to winter and even spring.

Here is my quick tips for perfect leather jacket combination. Let’s just get started!

Keep your pieces light

To keep your outfit from feeling heavy or dark, combine your jacket with lightweight, cool materials. Add a leather jacket for a sexy maxi dress or your midi skirt to add comfort. I paired me with a white eyeliner with embroidery details, bright denim, and red scalloped sandal.

Light material options to pair with leather here

Choose items with texture

Pairing pieces with texture adds a pleasing visual aspect. The embroidered detailing of my blouse juxtapose with the leather jacket has a similar effect as choosing lighter pieces. It toughens up the more feminine details, but softens the harshness of the black jacket. 

Play with patterns

Spring brings out all the floral and bright patterns, but that is no reason to put your leather jacket away Adding it to a floral print can take you from girl-next-door-cute to effortless cool in seconds. If you’re not sure how to mix a springy print, I would dip your toes in slowly with a skirt, a pair of pants or a top instead of a printed dress. Look for prints with colors you would pair with black shoes (if your jacket is black) to help guide you in the right direction.

Use a spring color palette

Like any of the ideas in the list, a pastel article of clothing gives the outfit an edgy feel. Spring brings out all the pastels, so this is an easy one to accomplish without worrying about patterns or textures. Do you have a favorite blush blouse? Add jeans, black booties and a leather jacket. Or a soft blue skirt? A simple white shirt with black sandals and your leather jacket. The contrast is interesting to the eye, but not so harsh it feels like the pieces do not go together. 

Opt for a non-black leather jacket

If you’re already a pro at mixing your black leather jacket into your wardrobe through multiple season it’s time to step up your game with a colored one. A baby step would be to choose a camel colored leather since, like black, it goes with everything. Personally, I have my eyes set on adding a blush colored leather jacket to my closet. 

Drape it over your shoulders

For those fortunate enough to live in warmer climates during spring, this will be your go-to option. To avoid getting too hot, place the jacket over your shoulders, but don’t place your arms through the sleeves. Yes, this is simple albeit obvious, but not enough people are wearing their jackets like this.

Trust me, I saw the “cool girls” wearing jackets this way, but was a bit too worried to try it myself for fear of looking weird or trying too hard. However, I squashed that fear and braved the world with half-worn jacket. Girl, let me tell you I received a handful of compliments and none of the funny looks I was worried about. And I felt very Parisian and chic simply by not putting my arms through the sleeves. 

Many of these tips over lap as well. You’ll mix your leather jacket in with pieces with a lace texture and in a pastel hue. Or you’ll choose a floral pattern chiffon dress. There really is no limit with a leather jacket. It is an extremely versatile piece to own. 

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