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For this week’s single review we will be looking at Argyle, a winter parka by Craghoppers. We have looked at this jacket before in one of our selections on men’s jacket by this brand.

A short brand introduction is in order, as it will also help us have a better grasp at how the selected jacket came to be.

Craghoppers was founded in Batley, West Yorkshire in 1965. It was the first brand in the UK to use nylon in their products and continuously tried out different fabrics and designs in order to come up with products that the owners thought were lacking in the markets.

Craghoppers was later approached by the Everest expedition team of 1975, which increased the reputation and sales of the brand tremendously. For the past 50 years, this brand has managed to remain a very reputable brand in the UK for outdoor clothing.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the jacket at hand, Argyle, and take a more detailed look as to when to wear the jacket, its design, the fabric and materials used in making it and lastly, user reviews by those who have first hand experience wearing and trying out this jacket.

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Where To Buy The Craghoppers Argyle Parka
Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:

When To Wear It
Being a winter parka, Argyle is intended for harsh weather conditions, typical winter weather per se. Be it rain, snow, wind, what have you, this parka is able to withstand them all without much effort or issues along the way.

However, as you might probably know, down becomes practically useless when wet and not many down parkas are fully waterproof. This is in order to not limit breathability, which would then require the use of expensive membranes, adding onto the price of the jacket.

Argyle, however, uses synthetic insulation which is Hollowfibre, a high-loft and super lightweight material that performs like down, albeit not as well. Nothing beats down, after all.

But, where down fails, synthetic insulation excels, as it does not lose its ability to maintain body warmth when wet and this is a very important quality.

Style-wise, this parka comes with a hooded collar, which is lined with removable faux fur trim around, in order to protect the face and also add a bit of style. Fur trims are a staple of winter parkas, which is understandable as these coats are made to withstand the harshest of weathers.

There are numerous pockets, 11 to be more exact, located both inside and outside. Six of these pockets are placed on the outside of the jacket, two of which are side pockets that are lined to keep the hands warm.

The length is medium and the main zipper is covered by a storm flap, which helps to further protect against the elements.

Seeing how there are no overbearing logos, this parka is suitable for both casual and professional wear, especially for men who work outdoors.

Overall, this is a synthetic jacket through and through.

The shell is made of AquaDry membrane, which is a laminated fabric that is highly durable and resistant against water, while also considerably breathable. It is windproof, too, and has water repellent abilities that cause droplets to roll off the fabric, rather than lay on top of it.

The inside is lined with Sherpa fleece, which is extremely soft, a lot softer than regular fleece, and comparable to teddy fleece.

Fleece has great insulating abilities, apart from being very comfortable to wear, and it is helpful with moisture wicking, preventing the inside of the parka from getting damp from perspiration.

The fur trim is also synthetic, as we mentioned, and it is made to be soft to the touch.

Color Selection
Argyle is available for purchase in five colors, all of which are suitable for both casual and work wear as they are classic jacket colors. These color options include:

Black pepper,
Dark navy,
Parka green,
Spiced copper,
Dark moss.

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions
It’s time to see what online reviewers have to say about this jacket. The number of reviews, despite not being too many, is enough to give us a better picture as to what to expect with this parka.

And reviewers agree with the fact that the quality of the parka is indisputable, be it the assembly of it or the fabric itself. The fleece is soft and so is the fur trim, also.

This is a very warm jacket and most importantly, fully weatherproof, just as it claims to be. A great feature is the numerous pockets, which come in handy when you need to store small essentials such as wallet, cards, a map and so on.

The only issue reported is the zipper, which sometimes takes a little bit of work to do.


A parka that delivers exactly what it promises, Argyle by Craghoppers is a must-have for those of you who live in areas with harsh winters and who are looking for a well-rounded winter coat.

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