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In the numerous single reviews we have written, we have focused mostly on men’s jackets, so today it’s the turn of a women’s jacket. Just like the previous jacket for men that we reviewed, this jacket is also by Columbia.

Columbia is a U.S brand, mostly renowned for its jackets, which are of good quality, especially considering that they are very reasonably priced and quite affordable.

The jacket for today’s review is Arcadia II, a popular selection among women who enjoy spending most of their free time out in nature.

Our objective for today is to look at its specifics, material, design and then compare those to the impressions and experiences of the women who bought and tried out this jacket.

Where To Buy The Columbia Arcadia Jacket
Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:

When To Wear It
Arcadia II is a versatile rain jacket, which can be worn out on the trail or for running errands on a rainy day.

It is designed for weather protection and it is also considerably lightweight. As such, it can be worn either on its own when the temperatures are mild and it’s pouring outside, or used as a waterproof layer over a fleece jacket, which adds warmth, while Arcadia II keeps you dry.

The style of this jacket is very minimalist, with just a couple of small logos, which don’t really affect the look. It can be worn for both outdoor adventures, as well as for day-to-day casual wear. This design is slightly longer than a typical jacket, the reason for that being to keep the back protected completely.

It comes with an attached hood, which can be adjusted with drawstrings and a high collar that prevents raindrops from getting inside the jacket. When the hood is tightened on the head, the top part stands straight, in order to keep the rain away from the face.

To further help with weather protection, there are Velcro fasteners on the cuffs, so that you won’t lose body warmth or run the risk of the cold getting in. For the same reason, the bottom hem is also adjustable with drawstrings on the inside.

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There are two side pockets on the outside, both with zipper closures and covered to ensure that everything inside remains dry. On the inside there are pockets as well, and provide quite a bit of space.

The main zipper is protected by a storm flap, which prevents any water from getting through the zipper and inside the jacket.

And lastly, this is a packable jacket and you won’t have to carry a pouch for it as it packs into its pocket and takes very little space in your luggage or hiking bag.

This is a jacket that is made in two parts, the upper waterproof shell and the inner breathable lining.

The upper material is 100% Nylon, made of Omni-Tech fabric technology. This is a 3-layer fabric, whose outer shell is coated with Omni-Shield, a water and stain-resistant coating.

The middle part is a waterproof membrane and the third layer helps wick moisture out by utilizing body heat. This is what makes Omni-Tech not only weatherproof but also able to remain dry on the inside.

We mention that because, quite often, fully waterproof jackets do not tend to breathe well, which then leads to overheating and excessive sweating that is not only uncomfortable, but can potentially put you at risk if the temperatures are too low.


The inner lining is made of 100% Polyester mesh fabric, which makes the jacket a lot more breathable and it leaves it completely up to the Omni-Tech shell to wick moisture away.

This jacket’s seams are also fully sealed, meaning that there won’t be any openings for water droplets to get through. Always look for sealed or taped seams on a jacket that is advertised as waterproof.

Color Selection
Women’s jackets usually provide lots of color options and that is also the case for Arcadia II, which comes in 10+ colors. These options include:

Blue heron,
Blush pink,
Soft violet, etc.

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions
With hundreds of online reviews, the general consensus is that this jacket lives up to its claims.

Is it fully waterproof?

Based on the online feedback of those that tried it out, it is indeed fully waterproof, even in pouring rain and even if you were to stay out in the rain for some time.

As for wind protection, it fares quite nicely, but it is not a windbreaker jacket, nor does it claim to be one.

The long cut is an added plus as it helps keep the back protected, which, in combination with waterproof pants, will keep you completely dry.

The pockets are quite spacious, especially those on the inside. It is also considerably warm and also lightweight, according to the reviews.

The downsides are the sizing issue, as this jacket tends to run big, so look out for that. Another “issue”, if we can call it that, is the crinkling noise it makes when moving, which some find it a bit off-putting.

A small number of reviews were disappointed with the hood as it proved difficult to adjust in order for it to stay up.

Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket – iceberg

Overall Arcadia II lives up to its premise. It’s a proper rain jacket that gets the job done without much fuss, and at a very reasonable price, too.

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