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For today’s review we have chosen a jacket designed for hikers and climbers. Designed by Berghaus, Cornice III is a high-performance jacket that adapts to your needs, activity and the weather outdoors.

Berghaus, much like other quality brands, began by avid lovers of nature and sports who were unsatisfied with what the market at the time had to offer. It all began in 1966 with outdoor gear, then rucksacks and today they have a wide range of products that are made of high quality and perform flawlessly each and every time.

We chose Cornice III for men who enjoy climbing mountains, hiking out in the woods and just simply love being outdoors. Let’s take a look at why this jacket made it into our review!

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Where To Buy The Berghaus Cornice Interactive Jacket
Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:

When To Wear It
We won’t repeat ourselves on what activity you can wear this jacket for, so let’s jump straight ahead at the weather conditions it is best suited for.

This is a weatherproof jacket, be it rain, snow or wind, Cornice III does not mind one bit. With a Gore-Tex membrane that keeps all dampness out and is also very durable against different environmental conditions, it does not compromise breathability for weather-resistance.

We have discussed this before, but as a short reminder: a common issue with waterproof jackets is the lack of breathability due to the complete isolation of the outer membrane.

However, Gore-Tex is renown for its incredible performance, which allows both breathability and protection against the elements.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the design of the jacket.

It comes with a high collar that is padded for better protection, as well as comfort on the neck. It keeps rain and cold winds from getting into the jacket through the top and serves as a pouch for the attached hood to roll into. The hood is adjustable, so you can fit it properly around the head and remain protected from the elements.

There are three pockets total, two on the sides and one on the inside that serves as a map pocket. The waist is adjustable by a drawcord, for both a better fit and added protection.

Berghaus Men’s Cornice Interactive Waterpoof Jacket blue

It is insulated perfectly, maintaining temperature effortlessly, while also allowing perspiration to leave the body through the breathable membrane.

The sleeve cuffs are also adjustable with Velcro fasteners and the main zipper is water-resistant and covered by a storm placket. It is also two-way, so you won’t have to take the jacket off when sitting down.

The zipper is also InterActive, which means that the jacket can be zipped along with a fleece layer, for harsher temperatures.

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Here is a video review of Cornice III:

Cornice III is made of 100% Polyester for both the outer and inner lining. As mentioned before, it has a Gore-Tex membrane, which gives it all of the performance abilities when it comes to weather and environmental conditions.

It is also a very durable fabric, so you can wear it without worry that it will tear and rip at every turn. This makes it a good investment, especially for those planning on camping outdoors, too.

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Color Selection
The color selection for Cornice III comes with three options, which are:

Eclipse (blue)
Poplar Green

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions
While the price may be a bit concerning to some, those who trusted Berghaus and those who are well-acquainted with the brand, would tell you to go for it.

With over 150 online reviews, Cornice III is a jacket that you cannot go wrong with. Be it comfort, protection or performance during movement, this jacket adapts easily and will be with you every step of the way.

The fact that it is very lightweight and yet provides warmth and insulation at the level it does, is certainly a big plus for the reviewers. They also enjoy the roll-away hood that you can take out only when necessary.

Being adjustable also comes in handy, especially for those who live in very windy areas.


The downside that some buyers experienced is either in size, which is to be taken into account and rarely, there were issues with the main zipper after several months of use.

Berghaus Cornice III is a jacket that delivers w

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