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Time for another review of a specific type of jacket. This new selection of eight jackets was done with one activity in mind: camping.

Nature lovers unite! We are in the perfect camping season and it only gets better from now until Autumn and rain are back.

Now, those that are just getting started and have been invited on a camping trip or would just like to challenge themselves and experience nature in its entirety, are very welcome. Apart from taking a look at the eight jackets we have chosen, we will also be learning a few things about camping jackets.

How to choose them and what is a must when looking to buy one? We will get started right away.

* Note: The availability of the products below (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the products materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.

1. What Is a Camping Jacket?

Technically speaking, a jacket designed solely for camping does not really exist. However, there are outdoor jackets, specifically those for hiking and other outdoor activities, which make great camping jackets.

Why is that? Well, because usually camping is not just one activity. Avid campers are more often than not avid hikers as well. They walk for hours in long trails for that perfect camping spot. Others camp when necessary in their outdoor journey.

If there were a jacket solely for camping, fmovies it would mean another extra piece of clothing to pack and minimalism is essential when traveling in general and even more so when traveling on foot.

But what makes a jacket suitable for camping are a few design features that make this jacket a great hiking jacket in the first place, which then makes it suitable for camping too.

2. Design and Performance

Generally speaking, choosing a jacket for camping depends on two key factors:

  • weather;
  • duration.

Depending on whether it is raining, cold or melting hot outside, the jacket of choice will vary accordingly.

Weather and Duration

To keep this short and sweet, if you are taking a long hike before camping or will be outdoors for days or weeks, then you ought to look for a versatile jacket that provides comfort, protection and breathability.

While we mentioned in a previous article that high resistance to weather means compromised breathability, if the weather is warm and dry, then opt for breathability over water-resistance.

And of course, if the weather will be unstable with temperature changes and possible raining, then turn to a jacket with protective membrane on the outside. These are usually high-performance and breathability won’t be an issue.

For one-day camping in warm weather you can either choose a waterproof poncho or a lightweight nylon outer jacket, just to be on the safe side.

As you will see for each jacket, we will mention what weather they are best suited for, to make it easier.


A backpack can only hold so much and when it comes to small belongings, they are best kept in easy-to-reach places. By that we mean pockets.

Camping jackets should have at least two side pockets, but the more space there is, the better. We will be including several different types, from those with two outer pockets to others with more.


While to some this comes down to preference, just keep in mind… weather. Yes, it is a given but even if you are a short-jacket kind of guy, in cold and windy areas you will fare better with a longer jacket. At least long enough to cover your back when sitting down. See, there is always room for compromise!

Now, time to take a look at the jackets themselves.

3. The Best Men’s Camping Jackets: Our Top Picks

TACVASEN Softshell Fleece Outdoor Jacket

By TACVASEN, this military-like jacket makes a great outdoor asset. It comes with a hooded collar that is adjustable, high and with chin guard. The outer material is 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex for better fitting and ease in movement. The inner lining is 100% Polyester fleece, that is breathable and insulating.

This jacket is best suited for cool/cold weather, seeing that it’s a Softshell. It is high-performance due to the design, but we would recommend to wear it in dry weather if possible. However, it has considerable water-resistance but it will not withstand long showers and heavy raining.

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There are multiple pockets on the outside, two big ones on the chest, one on the right sleeve, two on the left and two back pockets as well. The cuffs are adjustable with Velcro fasteners and the hem is longer in the back, for better coverage.

This softshell comes in many colors: Black, ACU, Green, Grey, Sand, CP, Black python, Green python, Sand python and Tree camouflage.

Regatta Dover Waterproof Jacket

Dover is by Regatta and it is a waterproof jacket made of Hydrafort Polyester fabric. The inside is made of anti-pilling fleece and overall this is a great jacket for cold and unstable weather, but not suited for those who overheat easily as it is not highly breathable.

Inside the sleeves there is Thermo-Guard insulation that prevents heat loss and helps maintain warmth. It has Velcro fasteners to adjust the cuffs and comes with a high collar. Stowed under the collar there is a hood. The hem is slightly elastic and the main zipper is covered by a storm placket for added protection.

There are two outer pockets, spacious enough for most small belongings. Dover is available in the color Black and Navy.

Mountain Warehouse Napier Softshell Jacket

By Mountain Warehouse comes Napier, a practical and lightweight softshell jacket. It is made of 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane (Spandex) on the outside, lined with fleece on the inside.

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It has a high collar, without a hood and Velcro fasteners on the cuffs. There are two oversized pockets on both sides, which go from the chest to the sides. The lower hem is adjustable for better fitting and for better insulation.

This is a water and wind resistant jacket, suitable for dry weather and mild temperatures. It is available in the color Black and Khaki.

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Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket

This next jacket by Geographical Norway is a softshell jacket with the classic sports look. The material is 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane and it is water-resistant as well as windproof.

This is a very versatile jacket as it is designed for movement and breathability, preventing overheating and guaranteeing performance and comfort. The collar is high and stand-up, with a removable hood in the back, which is adjustable.

The cuffs are adjustable and the jacket is a slim fit, enhancing the shoulders and arms. There are plenty of pockets on the outside and one inner pocket. On the outside they are placed on the sides, chest and sleeve, each with water-resistant zippers. The colors available are: Dark grey, Black, Red, White and Blue.

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The North Face Thermoball Jacket

Thermoball is a 100% Nylon (for the shell) jacket by The North Face. This is a perfect camping and travel jacket as it is lightweight and packs into its own bag.

It is a hoodless jacket, suitable for dry weather, but withstands rain fairly well and recommended for cold weather. This is due to the 100% Polyester ThermoBall insulation. ThermoBall is a high-quality insulation that maintains its abilities even when wet and at the same time prevents heat loss.

The jacket is quilted in a rectangular pattern, extending on the sleeves too. It has a short collar and standard cuffs. There are two hand warmer pockets on the outside and one MP3 pocket on the inside. It is available in a variety of colors, such as: TNF black, Cardinal red, Bomber blue, Thyme and over 30 more options.


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