7 trendy suits and women’s leather jackets

by admin

How to match a female leather suit that fits all types of feminine, soft and disruptive attire?


A feminine pleated skirt will make you extremely outstanding when combined with a classic leather jacket. If you’re a fashionist who likes to play with colors, try cobalt or gold gold for a trendy style and personality.

2. Coordination with industrial parts

Press your “boring” work clothes with a leather jacket, why not? Classic pointed-heeled shoes, cloth pants, smooth slippery jackets and individual leather jackets. You won’t regret it!

3. Dial with slip dress

Choose a comfortable yet sexy style with leather shirt and slip dress. Don’t forget to combine your furniture set with a bit of accent with accessories like necklaces or handbags. In addition, a leather jacket with accents on the shoulder or sleeve will add a sense of personality to you.

4. Factories

Combining textures has never been easy for those who have just entered the “fashion world” with many surprises. In this case, consider choosing a leather jacket in the graphic set. This item may be a great “rescue” to neutralize and unify your appearance.

5. Combining with shorts

It is not unreasonable that this is the most popular choice for many girls when they love for leather jackets. The dynamism and comfort of shorts or short skirts when combined with leather jackets brings a very individual appearance.

6. Combining with Pendant dress

No one “forbids” to combine a leather-like personality with the irresistible femininity of lace. In fact, this is an impressive couple. The contrast between these two materials when combined will make you extremely fashionable. You can also set your items by striking colors like magenta, cobalt blue to increase the charm and prominence.

7. Combining with ren

Don’t think pencil dresses are only for office ladies. This item, when combined with a leather jacket, will surprise you with the sheer elegance. And don’t forget, instead of the inside T-shirt for comfort, quickness, combining with a shirt will increase the femininity for your style.

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